Special metal parts

This group of products encompasses a variety of different shafts, which differ in terms of dimensions, technological complexity and materials. Our product range includes shafts with diameters of 5 to 40 mm and lengths of 30 to 250 mm. They are made from free-cutting steel, tempered steel and stainless steel.

They are divided according to shape into:

  • smooth shafts,
  • stepped shafts and
  • splined shafts.

In addition to shafts, our product range includes products such as worms, pinions, various clutches and other non-standard special metal products most often used for torque transmission in small and major appliances, hand tools, valve technologies, etc.

The development of our own tools using CAM technology provides strong support to production, enabling higher output and quality. The production of our own machining tools using CNC machines enables higher flexibility and efficiency of production and gives us a great competitive advantage.