Our production activities:

  • grinding,            
  • knurling,     
  • milling,
  • gear hobbing,
  • straightening,
  • gear shot peening,


  • broaching,
  • forging,
  • plastic injection moulding,
  • heat treating,
  • turning,


  • rolling,
  • bending,
  • honing,
  • ultrasonic welding and
  • assembly.

The beginning of the production process encompasses the precise planning of production activities and material requirements and supply. We have adequate external and internal storage capacities to allow efficient and uninterrupted production.

Production is physically organised according to the type of technology and the material line flow. The CNC department primarily produces geometrically complex products from brass and alloy and stainless steel. The turning department carries out shaft turning operations, and the shaft finishing department carries out the remaining operations. Production usually begins with turning, which, depending on the product type, is done using CNC turning machines or automatic lathes, then continues with thermal treatment, grinding, corrugation, forming, milling, straightening and finally ends with cleaning and wrapping.

The technological processes involved in the production of metal and plastic parts are logically divided into metalworking and plastic injection moulding. Two processes are used for metal parts: the mechanical removal of material (turning and milling) and forming (bending, forging and riveting). Plastic injection moulding is usually done in combination with metal parts, but parts made entirely out of plastic are also produced.

Production is supported by quality control, which is carried out at two levels: self-inspection by workers and additional inspection by an inspector or foreman. Depending on the complexity of the product, quality is inspected at the workstation or at the measurement laboratory.

Production is divided into three main production departments according to the product line. Each department is equipped to enable complete production and control of products. Our production process encompasses the following technologies: turning, milling, gear tooth milling, honing, induction hardening, grinding, forming, rolling, bending, forging, riveting, plastic injection moulding, ultrasonic welding and assembly.

As gaining new knowledge is the key priority of all our production employees, we carry out internal training and include external experts to ensure that our employees are highly capable of carrying out even the most demanding of projects.

Our main advantages with regard to production and technology in comparison with our competitors are:

  • a high standard of quality,
  • know-how,
  • modern machinery for serial production,
  • highly qualified and motivated employees and
  • a high degree of flexibility with regard to production.