Measurement laboratory

Our company places great importance on product quality, which is why it invests in laboratory and measuring equipment right from the start – we can measure everything that we make.

  • Shafts

    Shafts are measured for hardness (HV, HRC, HRA, HRN, HRB), surface roughness (Ra, Rz, Ry), circularity and concentricity, as well as runout using the Mitutoyo Roundtest. Lengths, diameters, chamfers, threads and radii can also be laser-scanned using the Tesa Scan measuring machine. Our measurement laboratory also uses a Mitutoyo profile projector.

  • Gears

    We perform profile and helix measurements, as well as tooth position and runout measurements using the Wenzel GearTec measuring machine. Functional testing is also carried out using the double-flank method (measurement of the “fi, “Fi” and “Fr” parameters, etc.).

  • Other 2D and 3D measurements