Shafts, gears, drive assemblies (metal and polymer) and test rigs

In the last five years, we have invested increasingly in new technologies for:

  • turning,
  • milling,
  • corrugation,
  • grinding,
  • plastic injection moulding,
  • laboratory equipment and
  • measuring equipment.

As the company is already quite experienced in the production and machining of complex metal and polymer products, the work of our research team is also based on the company’s years of experience with materials and technologies.

Drive assemblies

Our research and development team researches and develops new drive assemblies using new, “patented” profiles which enable us to improve load transfer while decreasing the volume and mass of the final drive unit. Of course, drive assemblies also undergo final testing to ensure that they meet our standards and the client’s requirements. We have already produced a number of prototypes. Our activities also include the optimisation of existing drive assemblies (which, according to our analyses, are too large), as a great deal of material can be saved while transferring equal loads by using better design solutions and material combinations.

Our S Gearbox was successfully co-financed by the European Commision through the S-Gearbox project (Grant agreement number 681718 within Instrument for SME Phase 1 call for proposals) in the Horizon 2020 programme.


Test rigs for gear pairs

Our test rig for gear pairs was developed and constructed in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana. The test rig enables testing using different load conditions for gear pairs of different dimensions. The test rig measures temperatures in real time, which is particularly important for testing the engagement of polymer gears. We wish to expand our material database by conducting tests using multiple test rigs. We have also developed an algorithm for the automatic prediction of the correct combination of materials and the geometry for tooth flanks and entire gear assemblies.

  • Preskuševališče

  • Termo kamera – meritev

Measuring machine (gears, shafts, worms, etc.)

We also have a great competitive advantage, as we can measure all of our products. This is particularly important for gear transmission. We own the only Wenzel GearTec measuring machine in Slovenia. The machine enables us to make measurements accurate to the micrometre, which we use to successfully predict optimal profiles for gears, worms, etc., which we programme ourselves and create visualisations and simulations of them.